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Final Post – inquiry-based project design

I matter, you matter, what is matter?
This 3rd grade guided web based inquiry is focused on a higher level of understanding the critical thinking in the exploration of matter.  The baseline of this exercise is to capture current knowledge and understanding of matter and its physical states.  As the inquiry progresses, the students working in small groups, will be exposed to scientific terminology not routinely explored by 3rd grade students.  The lesson will facilitate collaboration in the small groups as well as classroom engagement.  The objective of this lesson is to provide a practical sequence of events that causes the students to acquire knowledge, formulate questions, and seek answers using instructional technologies.  During this lesson, the teacher is not teaching the lesson, but providing assistance, as required, to ensure the students effectively explore the technologies.  As an active observer during the lesson, the teacher will have an ample amount of  time to assess the progress of the teams and individual students.  The final assessment will include comparing the baseline data to the final data describing matter and its associated states.
This lesson was developed for a 3rd grade class and as such is guided.  The process included predetermined video/music, multimedia instruction, and interactive multimedia links.