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Week 11 Blog Reflection: New Technologies

The mini projects are posted in week 9 and 10.  The NASA home and city was extremely interactive and informative.  I was quite impressed with how much NASA has contributed to what we take for granted on a daily basis.  Who would have thought the ear buds we use today were a result of the technology that allowed Neil Armstrong to talk to NASA control from the moon.  The technology used to deliver the information was very impressive with 3D, interactive (popup message & audio) communications.  Additional information provided by the tabs at the bottom was informative and allowed you to continue to pursue your exploration of the topic by linking to the spinoff database.  I did a quick search for paint and was provided adobe files on heat resistant and space paint.

BrainNook was much better than I first thought it would be by viewing the opening screen.  It offered 3D interactive games for elementary students where they could play games geared toward learning a variety of subjects.  I though it was rather elementary until I went to the maps and selected multiplying fractions.  This game was extremely challenging.  The game appeared to be extensive and the limited time per event keeps thing moving along.  Earning badges and stars give the player an incentive to keep going.  I will most likely use this as one of my 3rd grade class activities.

The technology presented by Pattie Maes on TED was very interesting. I have mixed emotions on the effects of this invention relative to the current educational system.  Not sure how it would be specifically implemented but I do think the refined product would have a huge impact on how we educate our students.  It appears it will provide instant access to a wealth of information dramatically increasing the exposure to new information not previously used in the classroom.

Cell phone etiquette for kids and webwisekids offered numerous tips and strategies for both students and parents.  To me it appeared the best rule for etiquette is for the parent to lead by example.  The cell phone tips were very good and appeared to provide an excellent roadmap for using cell phones.  While reading through the tips and recommendations I kept thinking how important it is for parents and teachers to understand the technology their children are using.  As I continued to explore cell phone technology I downloaded kaywa QR code scanner and scanned a few codes.  While surfing a bit I discovered QR codes for educators which can be found at:

At this site I generated a QR code linking to my professional web portfolio provided below:

QR code for web portfolio

I scanned the code using the kaywa reader and my web page immediately showed up on my cell phone.


has a QR code treasure hunt generator for teachers.  I was impressed at how quickly the kaywa scanner worked.  With a few smart phones in the class I can see many opportunities for lessons using this technology.  In addition to using in the classroom, QR conncectivity to the students provides an opportunity for the teacher to receive and provide information while on the go.


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