Week Nine Reflections- Mini Projects

This week we continued to expand our technical capabilities by introducing more tools to incorporate into our educational practice.  For this week I focused on the Voki & Comic life mini projects.  Voki was quite a bit of fun and it went rather smoothly although I was somewhat disappointed you are unable to edit the file once published.  For my Voki project I did a short clip on providing a tool for students who may get stuck on their nine multiplication  tables.  I will make a few adjustments to the script and then try it out on my class to see how they respond.  I expect they will be quite taken with the Avatar and since it is short, they will remain extremely attentive.  A link to my Avatar is provided below.


Link to Voki:


I spent quite a bit of time reviewing the digital story telling and found the articles quite informative.  By focusing on “living in the story”,  you can safeguard against simply telling a story and proper planning will allow you to discretely unfold the intent or lesson of the story.  Creating tension will take some effort as will delivering the story as concise as possible.  One huge bonus of digital story telling is the use of media where the photograph, audio, or video can provide a focal point and the story can reinforce the theme.  At first I was somewhat overwhelmed with all the tools available to use for digital story telling but after reviewing them it appears that once you decide how you want to deliver the story picking a tool would become straight forward.  I will be creating my digital story next week as the second part of my mini projects for this week was to create a comic on the water cycle.  I am not sure if it was just me or if others had the same issues with the 30 day free trail of comic life.  Many of the functions were not activated.  I could not use spell checker and I could not change the images to look more like a comic.  That is unfortunate as I think this effect will have an impact on its overall presentation.

My water cycle comic is provided below.

ws1 ws2 ws3

All images were obtained from: http://pics.tech4learning.com/
The Pics4Learning collection is intended to provide copyright friendly images for use by students and teachers in an educational setting. The original photographers of each image retain the copyright to these images and have graciously allowed their use in this collection.



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  • kim – you did such a great job with your mini projects this week! i am very impressed. the comic you made is amazing and such a great way to communicate that information. i loved it! great job!