Weel 7 Sticky Notes

Week seven was another week of exposure to new electronic tools.  I found the pre-writing with concept maps to be extremely useful in organizing my thoughts.  The quick writing was also useful.  Depending on the topic I could see either tool coming first.  For something you are familiar with and you want to write something to document the subject the concept map is an excellent way to outline your thoughts and graphically display the connectivity.  For a topic you are less familiar with the quick writing approach will allow you to free flow thought and come back a little later to add structure and organization.

I like Jing and see how it could be a useful tool in the classroom.  I could see development of several variations of the lesson to address different levels of instruction.  When reading through the potential uses of Jing or Screenr it was mentioned that it may be useful in flipping your class.  Thinking back to what I have learned so far on flipping you class it appears having the actual teacher on the video is important to ensure connectivity to the class.  For this reason I think I would limit Jing or Screenr to instructional videos that would be used during differentiation sessions in the class where I would be available to supplement the instruction.

I found the Kucha approach to presentations very useful.  I have seen presentation that were very wordy with limited illustrations and found it difficult to stay focused.  Twenty slides with a maximum of twenty seconds that demonstrate and encourage empathy will be quick moving with a focus of drawing the audience into the content of the presentation.

The jeopardy tool was easy to access and easy to use.  I believe I will be incorporating this learning game into many of my classes.

The shared sticky notes appear to be a good tool for building vocabulary based on reading assignments for my third grade class. The link to my wall is


I will be working with my students to give them access to the wall.

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  • I also like the jeopardy tool! I have made jeopardy games before not using this tool and this made it so much easier! I like your wall idea. That will be a fun vocabulary tool for your students.